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For two decades our specialists have worked on major projects for some of the largest companies in the world. We use all that experience to deliver advanced cloud migration solutions. Your move requires bespoke automations and services, which Cloudficient is ideally placed to deliver, continually focussed on your desired outcomes.

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Enterprise Vault Retirement

Cloudficient provides fully audited, end-to-end migrations from Enterprise Vault, giving your sensitive data the care, they need, when it’s time to move on.

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Office 365 Onboarding

Cloudficient delivers Office 365 onboarding with an advanced orchestration solution, making moving your employees and their data to the cloud faster and seamless.


Integrate and migrate all the data you need for a successful merger and acquisition. By utilizing the latest technologies, you can automate and streamline processes which would previously have been enormously labor intensive and time consuming.


Move all your EV archives – emails, filesystem, journals, SharePoint – to Office 365 or your on-premises environment faster and more effective.

Onboarding 365 Complete

Accelerate Office 365 onboarding with maximum flexibility and efficiency. Orchestrate every step with Onboarding 365 Complete.

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Learn how Rabobank migrated data from five continents to Microsoft Office 365

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