Office 365 Management Efficiency

Office 365 management depends on having access to the right information, at the right time. From Office 365 reporting to on-boarding, audit and compliance and legacy email archive migration, insight from data is key to success.

However, even with just a handful of users, critical data may be hidden amongst reams and reams of event and audit data. Finding that data takes time.

It will be stored in different locations across the estate and requires different technologies to access it. If you’re running a hybrid environment, that data can be all but inaccessible.

Proactively making sense of the data is at the heart of effective email archive migration, reporting, on-boarding, service desk automation and many other tasks. This is where cloudficient comes into play.

A single pane of glass provides efficient access to the right data, at the right time. And with artificial intelligence and anomaly detection technology at its heart cloudficient cuts through the noise of data.

Office 365 Management and Migration

Using cutting edge AI and machine learning technology, we provide new ways to manage Office 365.

Previous approaches to Office 365 management have involved collecting data from many separate sources, across widely disparate user interfaces. Our system uses advanced AI to assimilate and monitor this data in real time.

Cloudficient provides you with a ‘single pane of glass’ into your entire O365 system. It identifies anomalies in behaviour and feeds these into automated or human assisted tasks.

The use of Artificial Intelligence and Anomaly Detection allows companies using Office 365 to manage what they might otherwise miss, without employing additional staff. Practically speaking, that means fewer false alarms, less time wasted, and lower costs.

How can cloudficient improve Office 365 Management?

Cloudficient provides an automated, real-time artificial intelligence and anomaly detection platform.

Initially this is embedded in a class leading reporting module, which is 100% free of charge for pure cloud deployments, regardless of the size of your company.

Alongside the reporting module we offer an Audit and Compliance module. We provide an extended free-trial to help you evaluate your needs and truly experience the impact on your efficiency.

It also allows us to offer a fixed price email archive migration service where we take the project risk and you get the outcome you need.

In addition, we have several modules in private beta aimed at:

  • on-boarding
  • monitoring and alerts
  • service desk automation
  • overall operational management

The cloudficient ecosystem will revolutionise the way you manage your O365 environment.

About us

Cloudficient is a privately held company, headquartered in Switzerland, focused on improving the end-to-end management of Office 365.

Our solutions use artificial intelligence and anomaly detection to manage what may otherwise be missed. They lower cost and increase efficiency when it comes to Office 365 management.

We provide a revolutionary experience covering your whole Office 365 administration, monitoring, reporting and other requirements.

Office 365 Management Solutions

Cloudficient currently offers AI driven anomaly detection capability embedded in our reporting, Audit and Compliance and fixed price email archive migration service. For pure-cloud O365 deployments reporting is a 100% free service, regardless of the number of users.

At this time the remainder of the cloudficient ecosystem is in private beta, public availability to follow. Whilst the anomaly detection and reporting module will remain free to use forever, the remaining modules will be offered on a free trial basis.