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Office 365 Operational Management

Our Office 365 and hybrid operational management capability makes managing daily operational tasks in both the Office 365 and hybrid/on-prem environments more efficient, by putting them all at your fingertips in a single window.

Better still, use of advanced AI makes sure that even diverse and differently-siloed data is equally accessible, and gives to you in a sensible, actionable context.

As the integrated AI learns new tricks, the ability to automate standard or repetitive management tasks will reduce Office 365 admin support costs substantially.

Combine that with the ready (and contextual) ability to share relevant data between the different platform capabilities, and you begin to see what the future of operational management will look like – and sooner than you think!

Some of the advantages you can expect to realise include:

  • Role-based administration rights, including regional admin access
  • Flexible license management, departmental control and auditing
  • Advanced, highly customised an automated reporting across your entire O365 environment
  • Accurate, contextual usage tracking and reporting
  • Lower Office 365 administration and deployment costs

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