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Onboarding & Migration

Getting a new user onboarded to Office 365, or controlling third-party Office 365 migration applications reliably, is an attention and labor intensive task.  Delivered using TransVault Onboard, our onboarding automation lets you move much of that workflow to the cloud, as well as orchestrating each step.

It helps to analyse and plan email archive migrations, map out interdependencies, and display them in the proper context.

Reports on the progress of onboarding or migration can be generated for single users, batches of users (e.g. Department or Office Location) or your whole onboarding scope.

Some of the advantages you can expect to realise from TransVault Onboard include:

  • Interfaces to third-party Office 365 migration tools to allow control, monitoring and reporting on the end-to-end of Onboarding process.
  • Full email archive migration
  • O365 mailbox moves can be batched, triggered and monitored
  • Reports will be available to show overall progress.
  • HomeDrive data can be migrated to OneDrive for Business.
  • Fileservers can be migrated to SharePoint.
  • Licensed to user groups can be created and assigned during rollout.
  • SfB accounts can be created or moved with ease

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