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Monitoring & Alerts

Our Office 365 monitoring module allows you to monitor both cloud and on-premises O365 environments, in real time and historically.

In addition to Office 365’s own probes and records, an agent can be installed either on premises or in Azure™ (to a less privileged server) to gather data from OnPrem and cloud repositories automatically. Only outgoing https internet connectivity is required for the Agent to function.

Some of the advantages you can expect to realise from our Cloud/Hybrid Monitoring Module include:

  • Real time monitoring across your entire hybrid Office 365 environment
  • ‘Anytime, anywhere’ alerts via email, SMS or SfB
  • Predictive system and resource availability reporting and optimisation
  • Advanced machine learning improves monitoring and alerting reliability
  • Less downtime, even with fewer IT specialists on staff

This module is in private beta. If you’d like to learn more, or just be notified when this or any of our other modules go public, just fill in the contact form.

As an integral part of Office 365 Management you can already use our free Office 365 reporting solution and our fixed price email archive migration solution.