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Enterprise Vault Retirement 

Retire EV and Move to Office 365 Stress Free.

Cloudficient provides fully audited, end to end migrations from Enterprise Vault.
We give your sensitive files the care they need, when it’s time to move on.

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Moving your data is only one step of the process

We enable you to fully orchestrate your migration, planning for every step of the process. That means maximum transparency and chain-of-custody for everything you move, even during the co-existence period. Give your users a disruption-free access to the business-critical files they need.

Retiring your EV archive shouldn’t be the thing that’s holding you back from your digital transformation. With Cloudficient you have an expert by your side – to help you take the leap. 

EV Complete

A fully automated move from EV to Office 365

EV Complete automates and orchestrates all necessary process steps to target the different internal or Office 365 Workloads – Exchange, File Servers, SharePoint or OneDrive – as a target for your Enterprise Vault system that you wish to retire. 

With EVComplete you resolve dependencies and  progress each user individually through the process. Reduce labour intensive processes and save time.

Fully Automated and Transparent

EVComplete automates the entire migration process with full transparency to all stakeholders. Get a full audit into dependencies, chain-of-custody, mitigated risks and governance.

Start moving in hours not weeks

EVComplete makes migrating super-fast by orchestrating key IT tasks and processes, so you can focus on core business operations.

Leave nothing behind

We help you move everything: email-archives, Journals, Smtp, FSA, SharePoint and Shared Archives.

Take control of the process

Build and design your move, set actions, and receive updates of progress in real time — with flexible pay up front or as you migrate pricing.

Managed Services

Let us manage the risks — with our expertise of 100s completed migrations — and save you money. No matter how long it takes or complicated it gets.

With fixed price, fixed outcome

Complete your fully managed project at a fixed price per Terabyte of data service — no more unravelling costs.

How the managed service works

1. Workshops

Our first step is to understand your requirements for every business department involved in the retirement process.

2. Design

We design a migration process tailored to your project and business requirements.

3. Pilot

We configure the application to meet your needs and start the process with a pilot group.

4. Optimize

We review the pilot stage findings and optimize the configuration for maximum efficiency.

5. Ramp-Up

We start loading the migration application with more and more users to find the sweet-spot for best performance.

6. Execution

EVComplete, our process-step-based migration product, orchestrates and automates the entire process.

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Has the time come to retire your EV archives?

Migrate your data from Enterprise Vault to Office 365. Securely and reliably