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Office 365 Reporting

The TransVault Office 365 Reporting Module offers advanced features. It allows you to look into any period of the past to create fully interactive reports.

This goes beyond the scale of the KPIs Office 365 typically reports, including data siloed elsewhere and on premises.

The revolutionary AI at its core can forecast future results, license consumption and predicted MSFT licensing costs across an entire organisation or any segment thereof. Its advanced machine learning systems make these predictions more accurate the longer you use the system.

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Example reports

There are too many reports to document here. And seriously, as we do not charge for reporting, your best bet is to signup now, for free. Simply use your Office 365 credentials to gain access to detailed reporting across Office 365 workloads like Email, Skype, Sharepoint, Teams and OneDrive etc.

Some example reports include:

  • Active / Inactive for Email
  • Active / Inactive for OneDrive
  • Licensed users
  • Device Activations
  • ProPlus users
  • Service status
  • Tenant secure score history
  • Group storage activity
  • Email user activity
  • Email app usage

Much more is available in both graphic and table form. Reports can be exported to PDF and can be viewed on demand, scheduled for preferred dates.

Signup is free. Ongoing use is free. Try it now.

However, one of this solution’s most revolutionary features isn’t technical, it’s financial.

It’s Free!

Several companies offer Office 365 reporting services for free, but so far that has always come with a caveat, a limitation. Other providers typically offer their service as free for no more than 50 users per account.

For pure-cloud O365 deployments this reporting is a 100% free service, regardless of the number of users.

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