Onboard your entire company on Office 365 – faster

Accelerate Office 365 onboarding with maximum flexibility and efficiency. Orchestrate every step with Onboarding 365 Complete.

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Maximize Office 365 ROI with faster and better onboarding

Companies fail to see ROI from Office 365 because they underuse their licenses. 

Squeeze out every bit of value from the Office 365 license you paid for. Get your users on Office 365 and onboard their repositories – mailboxes and drives – faster with Onboarding 365 Complete .

Orchestrate your entire process

Draft migration-process-workflows and automate all required process steps – End-User-Communication, Provisioning, Licensing and many more. Apply to users, departments or organizational units.

Seamless user experience as you move

Disruption-free Office 365 onboarding gives your users a seamless transition, verified every step of your process.

Reduce your costs

Automate labor intensive and repetitive tasks and let ReMAD Onboarding 365 Complete do the heavy lifting.

Flexible pricing to match your every need

Pay-as-you-go or go for traditional licensing. It’s your choice – Want to test run? Onboard your first 100 users for free.

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