Cloudficient Email Archive Migration Service for Resellers/Partners

We are fully aware that email archive migration to the cloud is a complex project with many moving parts.

We also know that email archive migration is just one part of a greater whole – one which is often overlooked and underestimated. Archive migration requires very specific tools and knowledge, and we are here to provide that those you.

What is this about?

Moving legacy email archives to the cloud is not as simple as it sounds.

In most of the cases the data is coming from a 3rd party system like Enterprise Vault or SourceOne. You may think that there is a ‘native’ way of extracting the data into PST files from these archiving systems and then ingest the PST into Office365.

Theoretically it might work. However…

The archiving system’s native tools were never built for mass extraction. You should expect:

  • slow extraction speeds and even slower PST import speeds
  • a labour intensive, completely manual process
  • shortcuts which no longer work, and must be recoded manually
  • a lack of item-level granularity

Most importantly moving via PST files breaks the Chain of Custody (important for legal purposes)

To cut a long story short, going the manual way might work on a small scale, but over 500 users and 1TB data volume it is simply not a viable option.

What do we offer instead?

We offer you the OUTCOME without the risk. You want to move the archives to the cloud – we offer you the best available solution. Our managed migration service takes care of every email archive migration related task from A to Z – and all for a fixed price, with a guaranteed fixed outcome.

This means that you can just include our email archive migration service in your overall proposal. There will be NO additional charges at a later stage.

Why choose Cloudficient?

Some may tell you that using a migration tool is simple, and does not require any additional service after having purchased the license.

That is not the case 99.9% of the time. You, the partner, or customer ends up needing to purchase daily consultancy (charged at a high rate) until the project is actually done.

With Cloudficient the approach is different:

  • We take the business risk – no matter how long the project lasts – and we guarantee the outcome for a fixed price agreed upfront.
  • Our Migration Team includes some of the industry’s most experienced engineers, with almost 15 years’ experience in migration and over 2000 migration projects behind us.
  • Our approach preserves chain of custody
  • We use VENDOR CERTIFIED technology – not ‘backdoor hacking’ (unlike some others out there). Every export/import is handled in a certified way, with full vendor support.
  • Our pricing is significantly lower than the market average – we offer the lowest possible purchase price so our partners can still make a worthwhile margin on reselling our services.

How to engage?

Reach out to Peter – he has been working with Email Archive Migration projecst for over fifteen years – he can get you started.

Peter Kozak
+41 41 545 93 02