Fixed Price/Fixed Outcome Email Archive Migration as a Service

Email Archive Migration as a Service

Transforming email archive migration.

Email archive migration projects have always been at risk of unexpected costs and unmet expectations. Prices normally flex up as the solution provider realizes the complexity of the project, and the outcome is often in doubt. We want to stop that.

We offer Pay as You Go email archive migration, from as little as $3990.

Are you:

  • Planning an Enterprise Vault migration to Office365?
  • Undergoing a merger or acquisition and need to consolidate email archives?
  • Replacing your email archiving system?
  • In need highly bespoke pre- and post-migration steps?
  • Seeking a fixed outcome?

cloudficient has the right email archive migration solution for you; all on a fixed price/fixed outcome basis.

Proven, Fast and Targeted Email Archive Migration

It is not just about speed and reliability.

Yes, of course we make sure that we provide the fastest email archive migration possible. Overall we focus on success and quality of the entire process.

Our methodology provides a strong emphasis on ensuring that you have the best possible experience, for a fixed cost.

Our team and technology has been proven in thousands of enterprise-sized email archive migrations, this means we can offer the following:

Fixed Price, Fixed Outcome & Pay As You Go!

  • Budget certainty: a fixed price for the cloudficient migration, based upon the volume of email archive to be migrated
  • Fixed Outcome: successful migrations that meet the legal, technical and business requirements
  • Complete solution: includes licenses, professional services and support throughout the project
  • Quality processes: delivers a fixed outcome independent of the discovery of unseen complexities
  • Pay as you go: Pay NOTHING upfront. We charge you only for each successfully migrated TB of data!


  • No downtime. End users can work continuously with their email archives throughout the migration.
  • Native APIs. Whatever the email archive source/target environments we migrate using vendor certified technology (where available).
  • Full Legal Transparency. Has everything been migrated? Has the data been tampered with? We provide a full Chain of Custody report to prove the migration’s integrity.
  • Reporting on email archive migration progress. Performance metrics and many other KPIs are provided.
  • Process forecasting and drilldown functionality included
  • Proactive Monitoring of all systems involved in the email archive migration (Enterprise Vault, Office 365, SQL, Storage, Migration Servers, etc.)
  • Altering/proactive healing of the process based on the detection of anomalous patterns.
  • Dependency checks before and during the migration period for single users and dependent systems.
  • Automatic suggestions for batching users based on dependencies. (For example batching User A and User B together if they share a mailbox folder, and flagging a user if his archive mailbox is not available).
  • Efficient automation of operational management tasks.

Fixed Price Email Archive Migration

All we need to know is the source/target (e.g. Enterprise Vault migration) and the data volume to be migrated. Based on this information we can give you a fixed price. Our pricing starts at $3990 per Terabyte. This is the FULL PRICE for the whole migration including every migration related service.

There are no hidden consultancy/maintenance fees nor are there any additional cost at a later stage.

We can run the migration service in Azure and also on-premises.

Our team has some of the most experienced email archive migration experts in the industry. They have years’ of experience in email archive migration. Their experience is the guarantee for your migration to be successful.

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