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Personal Archive Usage

Have you finished your email archive migration to Office 365 and eliminated PSTs already? Are you wondering where users are now putting all that old email? Have you checked their personal archive usage?

They should be putting those old emails in their Office 365 Personal Archive (sometimes called secondary mailbox). If they are not, then they could be storing up problems:

  • Primary mailboxes will get bigger, increasing Outlook client sync times
  • Search results will be “cluttered” with old emails
  • Corporate policies around email storage may be violated
  • Automatic rules may be broken.

Office 365 makes it easy for administrators to setup policies covering when emails should be moved to the personal archive, as well as allowing users to drag and drop when they want to.

Inside our free advanced Office 365 reporting we can help you discover information about how users are using their archives, and in general how things are working at the organization level.

Let’s dive into what we show at the tenant level.

The first interesting chart that we show is one which indicates how many of your users have a personal archive enabled. Many organizations implement steps to enable the archive at the same time as the mailbox is moved or created in Office 365, but not all.

So it’s worthwhile reviewing how many are enabled. It helps add context later when we look at sizes and item counts.

Our chart looks like this:

In the future we’ll be adding additional background information about who is enabled, and who is not. At the moment we can show you a pop-up with the detailed counts of people, if that’s something that you wanted to share with colleagues:

With this chart we now know how many mailboxes are enabled, the next step is to review the number of items, and overall size of these personal archives. We show that lower down on the same page in our user interface, and it looks like this:

All of this is good information to track over time. If the item counts, and sizes are not increasing (like in the screenshots) it might mean additional education is needed, or some other investigation.

On top of all of the overview information we have it  available at the user detail level as well.  You can search for a particular person in your organization and see how that person is making use of their personal archive!

Keeping an eye on personal archive usage is a valuable part of ensuring that Office 365 is being used correctly after and email archive migration or PST elimination project. Our free Office 365 reporting tools put this information at your finger tips. You can signup now with your Office 365 credentials.


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