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Who Downloaded That SharePoint File?

Office 365 brings with it a ton of useful, auditable events that allow IT administrators and legal folks to really understand what happened to particular files. If you’ve ever been asked ‘Who downloaded that file from SharePoint?’, read on, because it’s super simple to find out with our Audit & Compliance module.

Take the scenario where a member of a legal or HR team asks “who downloaded a specific file from SharePoint?”. It might be that the file was put there inadvertently and shouldn’t have been in such an accessible place. It might be that the file contained some sensitive information, or inaccurate information, and your organization wants to understand who has seen that information and then take steps to correct any issues.

With the audit events that Office 365 generates it is easy to see this information, and with our Audit & Compliance module you can look back many months if you need to. Let’s see how we can do that for a particular file.

Let’s start with the search area of our Audit & Compliance module, here if we know a date range, and the name of a file we can create a search like this:


When we click on ‘Search’, the results will return almost instantly.  We’ll see a graph showing the number of recorded activities per day on the nominated file:

Some audit events have geo-location information with them, and we can see those on the accompanying map:

Below this we can see a timeline of events:

We can browse through that and review individual events getting the most detail possible by expanding interesting events as needed:

We can also switch to the data-grid view which allows us to filter even further. Perhaps we only want to see when the file was downloaded (as this will likely mean an insecure ‘wild’ version of the file is available on a person’s laptop or desktop).  So we can go from this:

To this:

We can even mark specific events of interest and add comments. Then if we want to we can generate a PDF file of this information and provide it back to the person or team that asked for it.

It’s fast, and easy to do, with our Audit & Compliance module. If you want to know more check out our website.


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