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We’ve been quiet, but we’ve got lots of new stuff to share with you!

Have you noticed that we’ve been quiet recently? We noticed. We’ve been working super hard in the background to bring a ton of new information based on feedback we’ve collected from customers, partners and our own staff.

We’ve got a series of blog posts lined up that go into the detail behind many of these new additions to our free advanced Office 365 reporting application and our Audit & Compliance module. In this brief article I wanted to highlight some of the changes we’ve just released:

Groups management – We’ve introduced new ways to construct and maintain groups of users within our application including the ability to automatically create groups based on some Active Directory attributes and even to make the group membership dynamic based on Active Directory information. This is a huge step forward for many of our customers and it has some super-secret future uses too. There is a separate blog post that will be released shortly that describes this feature in lots more detail with plenty of examples.


Groups – again! – Office 365 contains lots of different things that are called ‘Groups’. For the people who have been around email for a long time there are of course distribution groups, but there are also Office 365 groups, dynamic distribution groups, security groups and even Yammer has the concept of groups!  We’ve been looking into that and we’ve add a whole new section in our user interface that shows lots of useful groups information. We’ve got a separate blog post about that too.

For a sneak peek this what it looks like:

Date picker – We’ve revamped it, and allow you select custom date ranges to suit your business needs 

More new reports – We’ve add lots of new reports such as ones which show SKU usage, domains within the tenant, whether auditing is enabled on particular mailboxes and more! 

These are just a few of the features that have been added, and there is more just around the corner. If you’ve not signed up for our free advanced Office 365 reporting go over to our website now.

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