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Getting To Know Your Yammer Activity

Have you deployed Yammer into your Office 365-enabled organization? You can use Yammer activity reporting to give you insight into how well your company has adopted this new technology?

Let’s see how our free advanced Office 365 reporting can shine a light on your Yammer rollout.

To many people the two things that show adoption are the amount of activity per day, along with the number of users generating that activity.

Ideally, if adoption of Yammer is going well you will see a lot of activity. Better still that activity will be coming from across the user base, not just a few users.

This can be seen through our advanced Office 365 reporting dashboard under the Yammer tab.

Here we see the first of the charts, it shows the total amount of activity in Yammer:

As with our other reports you can change the time period that you’re interested in. For example you can extend the range to 180 days and see how the usage has risen (or fallen) over a long period of time.

Or, if you’ve recently completed Yammer training with your user community, you can narrow the time frame down to the last 7 days and see if that education has affected the usage.

As mentioned, this is only one part of the activity. To see the fuller picture, you will need to know how much of your user community is actually using Yammer. In some cases, during the initial usage of Yammer, it might be just part of your organization.

You can review the Yammer activity across users through this activity chart:

In our lab example here, it shows a pretty consistent number of users posting data into Yammer, and some activity on the reading of information.

As with the previous graph it shows no activity on ‘liking’ posts in Yammer. Perhaps this helps identify further training opportunities for your organization.

Scenarios like I’ve described here are easy to investigate with our free advanced Office 365 reporting, so why not try it out today using your Office 365 credentials.


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