Bringing it together – A single pane of glass for Office 365 reporting 

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Bringing it together – A single pane of glass for Office 365 reporting

Anyone that has begun the journey of administering an Office 365 tenant will be aware of the myriad of data sources that are available to help.

There are ‘Admin Centers’; in fact, there are several of them each with a slightly different look and feel, and slightly different terminology.

There is some reporting and monitoring information available in the Microsoft Office 365 Reports.

There is the graph API which can seem like the best source of information if only a human could decipher its many layers and intricate errors and quirks.

There are Power Packs for PowerBI which might be handy if you have already invested time and energy into learning how to use PowerBI in your organization.

There is data available via PowerShell but you’ll need to know whether you need a PowerShell extension installing, and as well as learning the different commands you’ll need to connect to the remote services. Of course, the way you connect is different for the different repositories!

It’s complicated and fires up your stress receptors!

Really, the thing that stands out the most is that there is no single pane of glass, nothing that brings the information together.  In fact, you could argue that using one of the mechanisms above, or even several of them, is like trying to complete a jigsaw with several pieces missing.

That’s where we come in with our free advanced Office 365 reporting. We bring together all these different data sources and present them to administrators, team leaders, or anyone that your organization decides needs to have access to this information.

On top of that we’re bringing in new ways of transforming the data which is available in these silos into valuable business information, to help you make decisions about your organization and its usage of Office 365.

If you don’t understand what some of this information means, and can’t decipher MSDN or Technet reference material you can rely on our world class support team to assist you.

Why not take our free-for-ever reporting for a test drive

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