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Cloudficient’s Email Archive Migration as a Service is now open for business!

As many of you know, we’ve been teasing some announcements in regards to migration services for a while. Our founders, after all, have already made names for themselves in enterprise-level email archive migration. Well, now we’re officially announcing email archive migration as a service, and I think you’ll like what we have to offer!

We are partnering with leaders in the email archive migration field, TransVault.

We’ve put together a service which offers everything our clients have said they need:

  • Transparent, fixed pricing (based only on the size and type of the archive)
  • Fixed outcome, we take the project risk
  • Platform-neutrality (we can migrate from virtually any type of archive)
  • Absolute reliability (backed up by proactive AI monitoring and healing)
  • Zero downtime (you can access all of your emails during migration)
  • Integrated reporting (one of cloudficient’s core competencies)
  • More (and more effective) operational management automation
  • Seamless integration (both of server-stored data and on-prem archives)

The problem most organisations face with an email archive migration is essentially the same.

Their operation is highly dependent on having access to that archive, and they can’t really afford to ‘shut down’ even for a day or two. At the same time, though, they can’t afford anything but a complete, total and fault-free job. Until recently these two needs have been irreconcilable.

Now, though, things are different.

Our email migration as a service is built on the same AI-based Anomaly Detection Engine that powers all of our advanced offerings.

Not only does it make the entire process faster, it lets us run the entire operation in parallel with your existing systems. We’ll construct a new, complete and fault-free archive, one that is updated minute-by minute to stay identical to your existing archives even as you use them, and whose dependencies have all been mapped out practically to the electron.

What this means for you is that when it comes time to switch from the old archive to the new… you won’t feel a thing. There will be no ‘transition days’ where certain files or siloes are inaccessible. No ‘shake down’ period where you discover by trial and error what works and what doesn’t. We turn the ‘switch’, and everything works exactly like before – only better, more reliably and the new platform

…all with no albatross around your neck!

Cloudficient’s fast, reliable and complete email archive migration services mean you don’t need to keep your legacy systems up and running indefinitely ‘just in case’.

To find out more, and get a quotation, please click here

Peter Kozak – CEO

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