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Coming Soon: Scheduled reports

Our customers love the user interface in our advanced Office 365 reporting product and are looking forward to the new things that we continue to add. We are building this platform for you, our customers, thats why when some of our customers ask for essentially the same new feature we adapt our design, development and testing cycle to bring that new request up the list.

What is it our customers have asked for?

Some of our customers have described to us the need to have information sent to them at specific points in time, via email. They know that they can log in and grab the data that they want for a recurring meeting every Tuesday afternoon, for example, but they want the ability to have that sent to them, and for it to be on their desk ahead of the meeting. It’s one less thing that they need to worry about.

So what are we doing?

After carefully considering the needs of these customers, versus the many other requests we have received from customers and product management alike, we have shifted some development effort into producing what these customers need, and we’ve figured out how to do it without impact on the other things we are already planning!

So over the next few weeks we’ll be busy producing a variety of reports, which we will be able to extend easily in the future, to cover things like:

– What proportion of your user community has a personal archive? Who has a personal archive enabled, but isn’t using it?

– Who has a Skype For Business license, but isn’t using it regularly?

– Where are your mailboxes in your Office 365 distributed over the Microsoft data-centers?

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We are building our product suite to help you. Using the latest technologies such as anomaly detection and machine learning we want the best for you, and your experience of managing Office 365. We really mean that!

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